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Easily build and share your surveys on the WEB3 blockchain ecosystem with Dexence


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It can easily work with many platforms. You will be able to share your surveys on every platform.

P2P Survey Algorithm

We are developing our project on ParexChain.

ParexChain has been our choice with its fast transfer cycle and completely community oriented. As a Web3 project we are very proud to have built 'Dexence Survey' under a completely community driven DAO project Parex Chain. We will also build bridges with other networks.

Parex Chain
and Bridge

Customize your surveys with $DEXC.

Add difference to your surveys with $DEXC, the coin of the Dexence project produced on the PEP20 network.

Standart Plan
  • Unlimited Options
  • Social Media Support
  • 30 Days Duration
Lifetime use
$DEXC Plan
  • Unlimited Options
  • Social Media Support
  • No Time Limit
  • Customizable Design
  • Network Integration
$DEXC worth $19.99

With the Dexence Survey algorithm, it takes an effective step into the WEB3 world.

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